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Obi-Wan: Destroyer of Armies.

I thought this was pretty cool, but I managed to conquer a planet using only bombing runs, Obi-Wan and a group of Speeders. Yes, the enemy base wasn't that protected, but the fact that I used two units to take down 7 groups of stormtroopers, about 4 swamp speeders and a AT-AT is still very cost effective(Oh, I forgot to say all the extra enemy units produced from the two enemy barracks in the planet whic equals about 30 extra infantry+10 extra swamp speeders).

Anyway, so I conquer space, and then think(mind thinking)," I'm tired now, and I'm feeling hungry. Hmm... lets have one last fun battle as the rebels to finish off the evening. How about I take Obi-Wan and a Speeder and try to take Bestine. Ha, Obi-Wan will get owned so bad LOL, well, it must be fun to watch"

So I take the small army and start a ground battle. Once I get to the reinforcement list there is only the Speeders. Pretty funny still. I take Obi-Wan to the only other command post on the map and let him take it while my Speeders do some scouting.

Voila, I find an AT-AT, suprice, surprice. Then, a flash light went off in my head," Speeders+AT-AT=Owned AT-AT" So I use the cable ability and the thousands of troopers looking below get dizzy as the Speeders go around and arround in elaborate circle patterns until BAM! AT-AT dies. By this time I say,"well, maybe I can win..." Once Obi-Wan captures the control point(and while I send my Speeders to destroy the two barracks to keep reinforcements off), he is attacked by Swamp speeders' trooper,etc from every direction. So Because I had secured two build pads, I make 2 into anti-infantry. *Fighting* Obi-Wan keeps killing and killing. But then, the Swampers start placing fireworks under by turrets, and they take both out. Obi-Wan is in trouble, and so are the Speeders, because the enemy is trying to take them out by building Anti-Aircraft T..

Switching to and fro between Obi and the Speeders; destroying barracks/AA turrets and keeping Wan out of harms way. Obi can't take much more, he starts complaining," I'm not as young as I use to be, give me a break!" No, he only really said," I'm under attack". In a desperate gamble, I recapture a build pad and build a bacta tank (I had already used healing ability).

He is saved. *Fighting*. Speeders take out both barracks, but are fried by AAs anyway. Wan manages to capture the second build pad after slicing all the infantry he has around him and gets a new anti-I turret. The Imps just keep coming and coming until...they suddenly don't come any more. At this point, I take Ben(Kenobi) to the main base where the rest of the guys are. *Fighting*. Take out AAs(finally) and now I can safely send in a bombing run. Obi-Wan watches on as the victory screen is revealed. Looks like he reviewed some of the remaining archive books on the Jedi Temple at Coruscant after I conquered it because the force was STRONG with him.
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