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Throne Room

Rwos: I trust that Nereli will follow whatever promises he gives, and I trust that any Blade present would follow his direct orders. Blades do not take the command structure lightly, as it's only in effect when absolutely necessary. Any Blade in Nereli's inquest will do what he tells them, and Nereli won't violate Council mandate. Only Gilian and myself are not under his command, and I trust her absolutely in this case.


Mos Eisley, Tatooine

Aren: *on comm* Yes.

*Farran and Artemis' voices come over the audio input*

Farran: ...ridiculous. What do you mean suicidal?

Artemis: Too much of a risk. We don't have the protection we used to...

Farran: We still have a few Vanguards, dormant.

Artemis: We can't activate Vanguards without the Blades tracking them down - I don't even know how she's hiding Csuhen from them.

Farran: Csuhen. Seven hells. You know, he was supposed to be our weapon. What happened? And just what the hells is he, anyway? Did you ever figure that out? This 'Sleeper' business? I'd ask Aren, but...

*The conversation begins getting muffled again*

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