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I dont know much about H264 but I know it also supports mp4(like the psp)

in any event - here are some options
*Videora Ipod Video Converter Made by the same crowd who made the comparable application for PSP(which also supports mp4)
*The guts of the above application is actually MS very own Windows Media Encoder. It is of course FREE
*CloneDVD Mobile Free trial only just threw it in as alot of people I know are saying nice things about it
*TmpgEnc Great guides available at

anyway, googlism is your friend I knew this stuff from my psp adventures, but it's all pretty easy to find out....I cant believe you didnt come across at least Videora, WME or TMPG as freeware after 36 hours of searching !!! You need to improve your googling skills !!!! What a mammoth waste of time !


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