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(sorry i keep making chars but i killed arca so i need someone to fight)

Name: Vai Zacor
Faction: Neutral - Elder of the gap in time
Class: Elder
Equipment: Purple double-bladed (like darth maul's) lightsabre
Strengths: Lightsabre combat, Quick thinking, Planning, Controlling Anger
Weaknesses: Space combat, Mechanics
Background: As a young teen, Vai lost his soul when his entire world was blown up. He was mourning so much he detached himself from the rest of the world, Refusing to talk, Eat, Or move. During the time he was in that little coma of his he was thinking a lot. Alot, Alot. He was so intelligent that when his body could no longer take seperation anymore and he lost his soul the other elders decided to make him an elder. (Not all the elders are old they are just called elders, Vai is 21 years old.)

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