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Chapter 3: Revan and the Sanga

The escape pod crash landed on the familiar planet of Bandomeer. Ashira-Li had been there before a while back when Offworld Corp. tried to ruin the Home Planet Mine. They were not hurt and were immediately greeted by some of the Meerian and Arconan miners. Clat'Ha was not there but a new face was. A rather tall and willowy fellow came and took them to the medical facilities for a diagnostic.

Ashira carefully answered her questions and that cued Obi-wan to do the same. The tall man introduced himself as Haras Garen. He took them to his apartments and made arrangements to find their Jedi master. He observed how she remained quiet so he decided to speak and startled he with, "How did you escape?"

Wary at the question but nevertheless surprised, she told of being kidnapped but Togorians and the interrogation. He said that he was familiar with her captor and what he told her of Revan was just bitterness. "You knew Revan?" she asked.

"Well, I knew the Sanga Kirabaros very well from a long time ago. I was there when he met Revan when she first arrived to our system. It was because of both that we were able to become strong enough to aid the Republic."

"When did you meet Revan?"
"I remember well and nothing gets in the way of a good story," and he began:

The Sanga, or better translated the Heart of the Guardian, saw Revan fall from the sky. The ship had been badly damaged but Revan was alright. It seemed as if a strange creature had accompanied her. I was there when we salvaged the ship and I was curious as to how the unique blast points got on it but no one was assuming anything.

Revan was rather beautiful, unusual and some of the warriors thought she was one of the legendary Handmaidens that are only spoken of in stories. She was accepted by Kirabaros, the Sanga, and told of the ancient evil that she was trying to destroy. The chief of the tribe said that the gods had sen a sign that we would become unified.

Revan seemed to fit well enough in the enclave and made a home for herself but was not completely accepted. Every day she and Kirabaros would try to get the ship's sensor's to work. On the day the straif cats attacked, Revan proved herself.

She rescued the children, for that is why the cats attacked. They know when the announcement of the children is and try to steal one or two. Kirabaros and her held them off but she ultimately saved all of them and Kirabaros from the queen. As an honor, she was made into one of us. Kirabaros didn't try to argue against them, I think it was because he too knew what it was like to be surrounded by a myth. He had been living with the myth of Kirabaros for almost three to four years. It started when he was seventeen.

That was how I met Revan and how Revan became one of our people. As to the various battles, different people and the archives know that I'm afraid. I was only there till I met her. I then came to the Outer Rim looking for work and trying to promote the sport of dueling. Now I'm just one of the mining supervisiors.

"It sounds like you made it up. How do we know that what you said is true about Revan?" Obi-wan posed the question.

Ashira was nervous and elbowed him to be quiet. It was rude to question someone as old as Haras. He just smiled and walked to a desk where there sat a chest. He brought it to where they were sitting and opened it. He said, "We know what we know because we were there. Besides those who have the stories each have pieces of a tablet that had been found by Revan and Kirabaros. Others have something of their possessions. They are scattered now. Hidden because of a secret that has been kept safe for four thousand years."

"Our captor mentioned something of a secret," Ashira explained.

"He would know since he was present when the tablet was broken. He doesn't know the details and I believe he has been trying to get it for centuries. The only clues to follow is that of the five planets. I believe I have a scroll here. Ahh. Here it is. I can't understand it. I think it's one of the languages of the tribes."

Ashira looked at it intently. She didn't tell anyone but she learned the languages of her people. She knew what she had to do. Looking at Haras she said, "We must find it before it is found by him."

Haras knew that she had to find this out on her own. He went to arrange to have a shuttle made ready.

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