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With one vicious slash Zion struck at Phinius's blade and it was dislodged from Phinius grip. Blood trickled down his hands. Phinius was stunned.
"Such power" he thought
Zion stood tall and powerful
"I am no ordinary dark force. I am no sith. I am against evil. Just a different evil to you" Zion said
Phinius force grabbed his lightsaber and struck. They matched each other perfectly. A surge of energy surrounded them. Blue light surrounder Phinius and Red light surounded Zion. They matched each other blow for blow. The rubble around them started to shake and raise into the air such was the power of the battle. Phinius had found a hidden power and was using it to his advantage but Zion was terribly strong. Phinius back flipped over a pillar but Zion followed it up. He delivered a roundhouse kick and Phinius stumbled and fell to his knees. He dodged a vicious slash by Zion's lightsaber and flipped back up. They started to match eachother again....

A elder Jedi survivour of the crash surveyed the battle.
"This will surely go down in history as one of the greatest lightsaber duels in history" He muttered. He walked down a stone path and entered the temple. He walked in on the two fighting.
"Phinius!" He said clearly
Phinius turned
"You can not win. He is too strong"
Phinius shoulder slouched and his face cracked
"NO! I won't let him win!"
"It's too late. He has become too evil too consumed by hatred. His strenght is beyond any Jedi alive"
Zion smiled
"So I shall imprisson him"
Zion's smile faded instantly.
"What do you mean old man?" Zion spat
"You shall remain here until the Jedi who can defeat you arrives and this will not be for come time"
"This temple will be your resting place"
The elder Jedi twirled his hands. A green light echoed through the Temple. Zion screamed and disapeared.
The elder turned to Phinius
"This shall forever be known as the temple of the damned. But come, we have much to discuss"
Phinius was stunned. He picked up his cloak and followed the elder back to the ship.....


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