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Kotor Tool Upcoming Release Features

This thread will host the list of upcoming features in Kotor Tool, with their descriptions and links to screenshots.

The next version of Kotor Tool, which has been rewritten from the 1.0 source to run using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, has a number of new features to make modding easier.

* A new interface for reading Kotor Tool news and obtaining updates:

* Extract for Module Editing now includes Module Items and Dialogs:

* Kotor Tool can show special map information right on the map image itself in the Module editor and allows users to add their own Map Notes as well:

* The new main UI, updated to have a tool strip with all of the major editors/tools on it. You can even reorder the menus and tool strip items to your liking and have their positions persisted.

* The new ERF / MOD Builder tool, substantially rewritten to make building resource files easier.

The combo box above the Add Directory button allows you to enter an initial path for browsing or select from one of the past 10 paths used.

The ERF / MOD Builder now supports saving a "project" consisting of a set of files, output file, and output type.

The last 10 projects are available on the Recent Files menu

* An updated Inventory Editor, which features a new Custom Items treeview. The Custom Items treeview is populated with items found in the Kotor Tool Global Templates folder, and when editing a Module, it will also show items found in the module's project folder. Each is shown in a different color, and a tooltip on the legend label will show you the path currently used for that category of item.

You can also now use context (right-click) menu on an item in the GameItems or Custom Items treeviews, the Equipped Item slots, or the Pack Items grid to open the item properties viewer.

There are now buttons to open the Global Templates and Module Templates folders, so that you can manage their contents easily, and each has a tooltip on it that shows you the path it will open a Windows Explorer on. There is also a Refresh button ("R" button) that will update the Custom Items treeview after you've changed the folder's contents .

* The Item Editor has also been updated to allow you to select where in the Custom Items treeview your item will appear.

* The Search for Refs feature has been updated to allow the display the paths of items matching the search criteria. You can now choose to see the entire path or just the file name containing the match:

Just the filenames:

Or the entire path:

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