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Phinius sat down and waited for the old jedi to explain. But he didn't seem to let anything slip. So phinius asked
"What's going on?"
"Zion has just been trapped In that temple until the one who has the power to defeat him comes to destroy him"
"Who is that person?"
"He is not born yet. His name is...well will be Jax"
"I see"
"He will be a normal child. His parents will not be force sensitive and neither will he to begin with but you must train him"
"You are the only one who can teach him what he needs to know"
"Zion is the biggest threat in the galaxy at this time. You know him better than anyone alive. He was your master and you will teach your student what he must do. It will not be easy. Clouded his future is"
"I see...but how can you see this?"
"I may be fairly useless with a lightsaber but my force powers are somewhat....incredible if i say so myself"
Phinius sat gob smacked
"When will he be born?"
"Not for a long long time"
"How old will I be?"
"Oh...I'd old as me"
"How old are you?"
"Very old"
Phinius sat there and shivered
"What now?"
"We wait"
"The Next threat"
Phinius sat and waited but nothging more was said. So phinius laid back and in a few moments was in a deep sleep....

The young boy known as Jax had given up on his teaching. Phinius had to finish it. He travelled to temple of the damned. Zion was waiting for him. Phinius withdrew a lightsaber and attacked. Zion laughed and countered. He threw Phinius aside.
"You have brought death to the galaxy. Your pupil will not be pure enough. You gave him too much freedom! You let him aid the alliance. He is out of your control and will no longer pose a threat for me!" Zion laughed and slashed....

Phinius woke up. The elder had gone. He tried to remember his vision but couldn't. He stood up and saw Juice. Phinius noticed a difference in the way he stood. Phinius brabbed his lightsaber and aproached.....


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