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Originally Posted by Fred Tetra
When it's done.

It won't be backward compatible as far as the .NET Framework is concerned. Apps written for 1.0 or 1.1 will run under 2.0, but not the other way around. I rewrote a number of parts of Kotor Tool to better use memory and to take advantage of features only available in the new framework.

I suggest downloading the .NET Framework 2.0 in the near future, so you're ready.

I would like to add something to this as well. The various different .NET frameworks do not overwrite themselves. When you install .NET 2.0 your .NET 1.1 Framework remains in place. The same goes for .NET 1.0 Framework. The key reason for this is because there are some features that were in .NET 1.1 that are not present in .NET 2.0 so older .NET applications would need some of the older libraries for dependancy issues. Last fall I think it was discussed between myself, loneferret, & another forum member when loneferret released his KscriptEditor which requires .NET 2.0 to run. I myself have started to study .NET programming heavily and would highly recomend planning on getting the upgrade and having the added framework installed as your going to need it eventually.

Now back to our Regularly scheduled Fred Tetra "Kotor Tool God" Programming where he keeps bringing us those awesome screenshots.

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