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I have never had the chance to work on a model from scratch other than the clone wars cartoon Obi-Wan me and Psykosith worked on. Everytime a model is coming out that I want to skin, the author never seems to e-mail me back with a chance. SO I wait until it's releaased and skin my own version.

On the skinpack, most of the textures I made are from scratch. (IE: the faces, hair, and parts of the robe.)

As far as the rest of the parts, I've noticed that when making a reskin, it's more efficient not to change current textures if they don't need it, but rather just tweak the existing ones to your liking.

IE: Marz's Anakin- I re-did the face, hair, and leather from scratch, The robes and boots I left alone, but tweaked them using additional textures and lighting.

I also have some original skins that I made from scratch here:
I was working on a cel shaded comic book star wars mod, (it looked like the windwaker and XII)
And also some samurai/ninjas.
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