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Originally Posted by arkodeon
We're talking...4,000 Before the Battle of Yavin, right?

What happened to the other 21,000 years of the Republic? Did they just...not build anything in that timeframe, or everything was built for them?
I don't think anything happened in the first 20,000 years, just peace until the Sith rose and tried to destroy the Jedi.

Originally Posted by arkodeon
And you forget, the Death Star is not a rehash of the LAAT, as they use completely different energy sources; the Death Star's being the most rare, and could only be found on Mygeeto, and the beams, while potentially the same, require different workings of technology. The LAAT came out of a single shoot/barrel-like expeller, while the Death Star's laser came out of a dish, and was composed of smaller laser beams.
You are wrong. Look closer and you will see that the LAAT beam weapons are just like the Death Stars superlaser, and don't come out of a barrel.
The only reason they needed a rare energy source is because of the immense power required.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
The 25,000 BBY figure has been attributed to the introduction of hyperspace travel - not necessarily the formation of a huge centrally organsied galactic government. Those details simply do not exist.
It is said in KotOR that 25,000 BBY there was the discovery of hyperspace and consequently the formation of the republic.

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