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Jedi Temple.

*A Jedi student comes up to Amarante Kaya and bows.*

Student: Master Kaya, Master Flax has requested you speak with him, he is currently on the 51st floor, in the training wing giving a lesson on lighsabre technique.


*The Halcyon speeds on course to C-34-T-78.*

*Drago and Sellenna are playing chess. Drago has doffed his armour and laid it out for cleaning, he has stripped down to his shirtsleeves.*

Sellenna: You're letting me win.

Drago: No, you just want to pretend I'm letting you win because that would mean you have no real tactical skill.

Sellenna: *Innocently* Why, my Lord, I have no idea what you mean.

Drago: Exactly, you wear silks, you spend hours on your hair and make up, you flutter your eyelids at every man you pass and play cat's cradle with your maids.

*Sellenna fixes him with her grey-green eyes.*

Sellenna: Is it not worth my taking my time over my appearence. *As she speaks she widens her eyes slightly.*

Drago: There you go again. Check.

*He moves.*

Sellenna: Why distracted me.

Drago: You're avoiding my question.

Sellenna: *Defensively* Maybe I'm offended.

*She moves.*

*Drago shakes his head slightly.*

Drago: No, your just avoiding the question.

*He moves.*

Sellenna: Because you know tha answer, no Agamarian woman can hold a position of power, we have no rights.

Drago: You are protected by the code.

Sellenna: The code! It protects us and imprisons us in the same word. We can't fight so every position is closed to us.

*She moves.*

Drago: You know why that is, the code is very ancient, it is from another time.

Sellenna: And now it is hidiously outdated.

Drago: I agree but it is iron and cannot be changed, there were good reasons for that.

*He moves, then takes a sip of wine.*

Sellenna: I am well aware of the reasons but it leaves women with no power, the only power we can ever have is through a man.

Drago: So you dress yourself up to trap men, and yet you never married, because that way you are not tied to any one man.

Sellenna: You aren't as stupid as you look.

*She moves.*

Drago: I don't look that stupid to begin with.

Sellenna: Well you missed the important part, who would ever suspec the frivilous women in the expensive slik dress with gold wire in her hair.

Drago: Ah, I do the same thing.

*She gives him a funny look and makes her move.*

Drago: Missdirection, I also dazzle my adversary with fancy armour and cunning manuvaurs.

*He moves.*

Sellenna: Well you're not as good at it as I am.

*She moves.*

Drago: No?

Sellenna: No, check mate.

Drago: Ah, well at least most of my men have joined the Holy Dead.

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