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(I know this is over but I think it deserves a proper ending. This is the end of the Viper missions, Phantom Missions and Sector 64 and as it took months of work it needs an decent ending)

Jax was walking down a corridoor in the Temple of the damned. He saw his old master Phinius there. He spoke to him. "You have done well Jax"
"Master? I'm sorry I turned on you and your teachings-"
"Do not worry dear boy. You have done great things...even if they have never happened"
It took a while for Jax to realise what he meant by this
"I suppose-"
"You are one of the greatest Jedi's in history"
"No i am not, Luke Skywalker is much better-"
"Luke may have defeated the so called "Sith Lord" but so have you. You have defeated an anicent power much more powerful than Darth Sideous. In many ways you have surpassed his skills"
Jax nodded.
"But there is one more thing that must be done" He said
"What master?"
"You must let go"
"Let go of what?"
"Your anger, hatred and you shall forever be powerful"
"I don't want to be powerful"
"Good. That was the first step-"
"I can't help thinking Zion was right though"
Phinius stopped and looked at Jax
"Many of his ideas were....out of this world. But he was right in some respects. About human nature...about the Jedi and Sith just being titles and we are who we are regardless. And one mans evil is another good. It's all about points of views..."
Phinius nodded
"You have learned well. I thank you for putting this ancient was to an end"
"I...I don't know what to say"
"Say nothing. Jax. Is shall see you on the other side"
Phinius turned
"Don't call me that. You have done what I could not"
"When I left your teachings- where you....disapointed with me?"
"No. I could never be disapointed with you. You were....something else..."
Phinius said dreamily. He smiled and said
"See you, Jax"....

Jax woke up in a hospital bed sweating and shaking. The door slid open and Rezillo walked in.
"We won" He said smiling
"How did we win?"
"Well whatr happened was Red group-"
"No i mean...We've lost so many pilots and is that classed as winning?"
"Oh be quiet. They like you gave their lives to fight for freedom"
"I suppose"
He looked out the window
"Please Rezillo. I just want to be alone"
Rezillo nodded and left. Jax stared out the window for a while longer thinking. He leant back and felt his lightsaber. He gripped it tightly. He put it down again and watched a star cruiser go by.
"I am definatly going to retire"
At the age of only 22 he felt like he had seen more years than was true or needed. He lay back down and slept for the first time in what seemed like years....



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