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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
OMG. Double FLP. C'mon Kurgz, you'll tear VB3 to shreds if you keep that up
Double FLP? That's a new one. Kids these days with their ghetto-jive-slang-lingo and hoola hoops!

with regards to the Death Star and the Geonosians... that's a real "chicken and egg" scenario !

*The Geonosians helped design the DS1 for the Separatist Movement, to further their aims in freeing themselves from the constraints of the Republic.
*The Separatist movement was of course controlled by the sith, who used it as a springbaord to create a clone army and implement the jedi purge. So basically, the sith have been behind the idea of a weapon like the DS, and have used their agents to propagate the idea into a reality.

There is an upcoming book on the will hopefully tie together the different loose ends about its creation and construction...
I suppose, but can every action of anyone in the CIS be attributed to the actions of the Sith? My point was that the "common knowledge" that the Empire invented the Death Star has been (necessarily) retconned, and I'd heard about that upcoming source. Makes sense they'd need to release that to explain it.

BC abd AD are outdated Kurgz. Use them in a History term paper and you'll get fried !! its BCE and CE. Expl. Although they are chronologically equivalent
As I stated already, we use 'em too, that doesn't mean I can't make a correction on the equally useful terms. Everybody knows what you're talking about in the end. BCE/CE has no "year zero" either, and still has the same number of years off as the other system, since (as you say) it's equivalent, just an attempt at political correctness.

I've never liked the notion of a 25,000 year old Republic. This figure was basically first introduced in Shatterpoint Before this, there was the assumption based on the original KOTOR era comics that it was moreso 5000 BBY, which describes the Great Hyperspace War
It's always been an assumption based on an interpretation of Ben Kenobi's "for over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the old Republic..." from Star Wars (1977). They interpreted a "generation" as 25 years, and multiplied it times 1,000, hence the number.

The 25,000 BBY figure has been attributed to the introduction of hyperspace travel - not necessarily the formation of a huge centrally organsied galactic government. Those details simply do not exist.
I'm just saying you can't have a galactic civilization without some kind of FTL travel. It just wouldn't be possible. Even the literalist interpretation of Ben's line wouldn't necessitate that the Jedi and the Republic both came into existence at the same time of course (and even the ROTS retcons assume the Jedi Order predated the Republic).

Since hyperspace lanes hadnt been fully mapped out... the "Galactic" Republic would hardly have been that... but its Legit
also, CUSWE Entry for further background.

But Hyperspace lanes don't prevent hyperspace travel (otherwise where would you ever start?) they just make it safer. If there's nothing in your way, you can go faster without worries, and such. It's not like your hyperdrive stops working without a "lane" (which is an EU invention anyway). You just have a navicomputer to calculate the jump. Or you could use a force sensitive to use precog to plot a safe path (a la Dune). Without FTL, having your "galactic republic" is the equivalent of saying "I claim the planet Mars for Spain!" before the invention of rocketry. It's a meaningless statement.

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