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((Joint post between Admiral and I.))

Asgardried Lounge

Raschel: What's wrong with her? *looking at the holoprojection at Viddall and the infinity Blade facing off* What is that? That isn't a Sith, is it? That almost looks like a lightsaber...

Valda: Whats wrong with whom?

Raschel: With Idun...


Cargo Bay

*K'Warra stands in the open entrance to Guy's ship, watching the two combatants*

K'Warra: This ought to be entertaining.

*The Blade moves away from Viddall's strike and then rapidly back inwards, swinging his sword to catch Viddall's blade. Viddall ducks within the blades stike, bringing his pommel down hard against the blades head, while he uses the rim of his shield to bash against the blades right arm.

The Blade appears unfazed by Viddall's strike to its head. Moving unnaturally fast, it brings its sword backwards and strikes the Aesir's shield with the edge of the blade. Viddall in a whirl of motion, brings his blade across the top of his shield in a downward cut. The runes along the shield flash red, as metal lines from the shield flow out and wrap around the blades sword.

The Blade dodges, moving its entire body to the side in an impressive contortionist feat, out of the arc of Viddall's strike, then rips its sword free with a cut at a different angle. It twirls in a circular motion before leaping into the air, bringing its feet down on the edge of Viddall's shield and slashing downwards with both hands, lightsword charged with a sparking field that tints the white weapon a black-blue color.

A shimmering red field surrounds the top of Viddall, appearing just before the blade landed repelling the blades sword. Viddall drops his shield low while thrusting at his sword upwards, runes in the swords fuller glow a bright orange, flames appear on the sword. The blue field around the Blade's sword bursts as it hits the red field, but seems to wash over Viddall without harming him.

The Blade "catches" the sword point, stopping it and holding it a few inches from its cupped left hand, staying, impossibly, balanced on the shield. The flames form inside an invisible bubble.

K'Warra watches the battle, eyes narrowed*

K'Warra: I think I'm figuring this out. Two minds... One for the magic, one for the sword.

*The Blade strikes at Viddall's sword arm with his own in a strike designed to remove the limb.

Viddall gives slight smile. The rim of his shield morphs into a series of spikes ramming into the Blade's foot. Another field forms near Viddall's sword arm, tentacles run out from the field up along the blades arm twisting and griping the arm. The blade of Viddall's sword is now fully inflamed as Viddall pulls back and slashes at the Blade's knees.

The Blade doesn't react to the spikes impaling its feet. It slashes its sword through the field of tentacles to deflect Viddall's weapon. Blades extend from its wrist and spin, slashing away the tentacles, but the tentacles wrapping its upper arm remain.*

K'Warra: Tentacles? How very... Japanese. But have we a checkmate?

*For each tentacle that is cut, two more go after the Blade's limbs. The spikes impaling the blade's feet grow large and expand, while spikes along the shield's bottom drop to the ground, on the grought the seem to melt and form another sword blade lifting into the air and flying towards the back of the Blade.

Viddall drops his sword low, bringing it around onto the Blades wrist*

K'Warra: Checkmate.

*The Blade leaps upwards off the shield and away from Viddall's sword, slicing through the tentacles with its arm blades, striking away the shield-sword with his own sword. Viddall quickly stabs upward into the Blades gut, twisting the blade as it entered the Blade's flesh. Viddall then pulls his sword upward, helped with the motion of the Infinity Blade slices most of the Blades midsection open.

The Blade falls roughly onto the deck of the Cargo Hold. Viddall quickly steps forward swinging his sword low at the Blade's neck, severing its head. Stepping back the runes on Viddall's shield glowed red as the spikes retracted back into teh shield and the flying sword melts and is reabsorbed. A ripped matrix of circuitry and electric sparks lie exposed in the Blade's wounds, clear fluid and blood running from them.

K'Warra claps*

K'Warra: A few clumsy tactics, but you made up for it with the ending. Bravo.

Guy: *from inside his ship* Remove its limbs, and put your sword through its eye. Take no chances.

*The spider robots swarm over the creature again, slicing through its armor from the inside, sending charges of energy into the exposed wounds.

Viddall quickly dissects the lifeless body before stabbing the sword down into the Blade's eye. Drawing the sword from the Blade's skull the flames disapate from the blade and Viddall sheaths the sword.

The silver device on the Blade's belt glows blue. Tendrils of light crawl across the dismembered body, leaping to cover each of the disconnected techno-organic pieces. The body twists and vanishes in a flash of blue light*

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