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Asgardried Lounge

Valda *with a small smirk*: Don't worry, it isn't catching.

*Valda watched with interest as Viddall and the infinity blade fought, finally it was over*

Asgardried: Intruder no longer amoung the living, tonight Blade steaks, get them well they are freshed. Only thing left is to slam a door in Sir Vin's face. Oh, Cargo bay is now unsealed, and I'm going to fly into a star. Lunch in five minutes.

*As Svafa and Idona enter the lounge, Idun's eyes glow again before returning to normal. She then slumps in her seat, slightly pale. Valda looks at both Svafa and Idona before, opening a cabinet and pulling out a silver pitcher. Pouring the contents into a tankard, Valda hands it to Idun*

Idun *before drinking*: Thank you.

*Svafa and Idona continue pass the lounge and head aft to the cargo hold. Shortly after they pass, Vidar, Ragnar, and Heimdall enter the bridge*

Vidar: Well we are safely away, so everyone can stand down.

Cargo Hold

*Viddall just shrugs at K'Warra, before his eyes breifly glow again and return to normal.*

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