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Asgardried Lounge

Marin: I've never seen a Blade machine. Blades have always been living beings... it's part of the balance...


Cargo Hold

*K'Warra raises his brows at Viddall's eye glow*

K'Warra: What? Nothing to say? No bows to take? *He walks over to Aren's ship and wrenches open the doors, which have been blaster-welded shut together*

K'Warra: Well, hello and welcome back, Ellela, Gortick, Matt, and... *looking at the ork with an evil glint in his eye* ...funny, I could swear we've met before. But you must forgive me, I can't remember your name...

*The ork's eyes widen and she reaches for a sword that isn't there*


Guy's Ship

Guy: *on comm* I'm still tracking Aidan. He's in warp transit. No longer at the base.

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