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Phinius smiled
"If you think a Jedi is defined by his weapon think again!"
He kicked Juice off him and stood ready. He raised his fist and punhced Juic in the stomach. Juice went down on one knee and gasped. Phinius then roundhouse kicked Juice and Juice fell to the floor.
"You must have known all Jedi are trained in un-armed combat"

Nekx smiled. He mimicked Vai and disapeared before the blade could fall. He re-apeared infront of him and force pushed him away. He then ran at him. He slashed but Vai dodged. Nekx turned and asked
"When you say I will not get there in time what do you mean? That puny Juice is no match for Phinius"
Nekx kicked Vai and aimed a stab his way but he dodged again.
"Ok lets stop playing games"


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