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Gladsheim Station: Throne Room, Side Room

Vidar: Things were set in motion the day Gerd was concieved. However, you are right, we shouldn't delay. Please have Gillian and Nereli come in here, we will have to talk to them before speaking with K'Warra.


Idona: No, we were not fooled. You did a very good job, very convincing. If we didn't have the resources and experiences that we do, you very well may have fooled us. However, we are masters at faking our own deaths, I and others have died countless of times. *Idona smiles as she takes a sip of her mead*.

That and the constant surveillance you were under, made it rather easy.

Godwyn: Excuse me. Why did you ask how much of her life was devoted to martial skills?

Valda: To further show how different our situations are. Besides being immortal, I would say and average of 90-95% of our lives are devoted to martial skills. Of course there are variations depending on the time and the wars being fought. Given our ages though that does still leave a great amount of time free for other pursuits as well.

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