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((Scar: argue about what?

Red: Didn't Gortick stick his head out of the ship....))

Asgardried: Cargo Hold

Viddall: Bows are taken after work is done and over a tankard of mead and some good food.

*The access door opens as Svafa and Idona stride in*

Svafa: Nice fight Viddall.

Viddall: Thank you m'lady.



Asgardried to Sir Vin: Oh is that a dare?

*The door to Sir Vin's quarters opens a little and then closes, then opens again before closing.*


Heimdall: Interesting, perhaps it was part organic and part machine...

Asgardried: Ooh, joy a blue giant is close. I haven't flown into a star in ages it seems. Time for fun.

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