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Now THAT Was HElpful!

Rock on Cooler King! Now THAT's a helpful post... THAT's a posting that tells hints.

Hint: A brief or indirect suggestion; a tip

I've read through these threads, and thus far about 90% of them OR MORE actually don't contain very many hints at all. They contain the obvious... things that any monkey could figure out from reading the instructions, and/or playing the game.

We all know to eliminate the enemy's units, primarily with our own units and an array of weapons to choose from, and we all know to capture CPs. These are not hints. They're objectives. They're rules to abide by if we want to win.

The Cooler King's primary post, here... now THAT's what a bunch of HINTS looks like. GREAT HINTS, too... by Cooler King, AND by some of you others. Please keep 'em coming!
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