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Originally Posted by arkodeon
I could be wrong, but I think the more literal reference would be to the Ruusan Reformation, 1,000 years before the events of the Death Star and Yavin, where the Jedi and Sith duked it out, and the Sith 'lost,' and the Republic dropped all of their armies and allowed the Jedi to protect the Republic.

Which makes sense, if you look at Kenobi's comment. He says the whole Thousand Years, Jedi Protectors thing, and it coincides with the Ruusan Reformation, which could be a Retcon. The Republic disbanded armies, Jedi became the protectors, that sort of thing.
That's not a "literal" reference. That is backstory that's been created to retcon the contradiction introduced in AOTC, wherein Palpatine says "I will not let this Republic, which has stood for a thousand years be split in two."
And just in case people chalk that up as a slip of the tongue by Palpatine or some kind of subtle Sith propaganda, the ROTS novel repeats on several occasions that the Old Republic is 1,000 years old, by members of the Loyalist committee and members of the Jedi Council.

I don't have a problem with the fact that the EU literally says the Reformation happened, but let's admit the fact that it's a retcon. None of these events were ever mentioned in the films or even implied. It was never assumed there was more than one Republic until AOTC came out. The Sith being a breakaway Jedi sect 1,000 years before TPM was also introduced in the TPM novel. Before that the EU had an entire backstory for the Sith that had to be retconned (Tales of the Jedi comics). All we know from TPM (that we didn't know before) is that they Sith were thought extinct for a millennium.

Anyway, not to criticize you for pointing out the Rusaan Reformation, just to define what I meant by "literal" and why people assumed a 25,000+ year old Republic. The early written materials only implied that the Republic was big and really old before they started throwing dates at us. Kenobi's comment implies that "for over a thousand generations" the old Republic and the Jedi existed together. The "literal" interpretation was why the comics gave us stories taking place 4 or 5 thousand years before the movies with the Jedi as defenders of the Old Republic. If the Old Republic didn't exist back then, the stories would be de-canonized. They wanted to keep the stories in continuity, so the retcons began.

Even the TPM stuff had to be retconned, so that it was just a resurrgence of the Sith or something, since the novel basically spells out that the first Sith emerged 1,000 years ago, which again poses a problem for the stories depicting Sith and Jedi fighting 3 or 4 thousand years too early.

Sorry to get off topic... but yes, if the comics didn't exist, most of the problem could much more easily be ignored. Or they could have said the TOTJ and KOTOR stories were just legends, like the tales of Robin Hood, or King Arthur and his Knights.

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