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((Yeah... but doesn't mean the doors could open all the way.

Basically that's my ready-made excuse for why Gortick/Ellela/(Matt?) didn't participate in the fight, since "Admiral and Redwing wanted to finish the scene in one day" doesn't really work in-story. ))


Marin: *to Heimdall* Blades aren't supposed to be made. The Blade magic appears in people, any people from anywhere in the world, and the Blades recruit from those potentials. It keeps the Blades connected...

Raschel: *looking at the faces of the Aesir present* Is it... serious?

Chere: I'm thinking the best thing to do here is ignore everything the ship says.

*Cody stares at the star with a kind of awe on his face, eyes flickering green*


Cargo Hold

K'Warra: *to Gortick, Ellela and Matt, referring to the orks* So where'd you pick up these strays?

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