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You seen any of the other shorts by Steve Oedekerk?
Sadly, no. I've watched trailers for his Thumb movies though, and would really love to see some of them one day. A guy has to be something if he makes movies that star nothing but thumbs.

I too love Mel Brooks. His brand of absurd humour is something special. Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs ("Ludicrous speed!") and Robin Hood: Men in Tights are some of my favourites.
Definitely. The man is a genius. I also like the Dracula movie. It's not as good as some of the of the older movies, but it has a lot of nostalgy value for me. Also, hearing that guy from Ally McBeal do the "Heeheehee!" is too much fun.

And speaking of 80s comedies, have you seen Clue? It's a movie based on the Clue/Cluedo board game and is just hilarious.
I haven't even heard of it. My movie knowledge is pretty non-existant. However, I'm going to look that one up because Cluedo was a favourite of mine as a kid. Thanks for the rec!

ETA: Damn, it has Tim Curry in it. The movie is definitely going to my "movies to buy" list.

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