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Sorry, but no on everything. First of all, this idea assumes that Bastila lived after the Star Forge, and then died - she could have been killed by Revan on the Star Forge. This also assumes that Revan is male.

Originally Posted by Darth Angst
The exile than goes on a search for Reaven, along the way revealing secrets in flashbacks of the war... It reveals Reaven, before going to the darkside was a great person and even took the exile under his wing during the war. It also shows what he saw that made him go to the darkside. (the first time)
Don't we already know this, though?

Originally Posted by Darth Angst
Also the Sith have captured a Jedi Knight (one of your characters you created) and are trying to use his force powers to tell which exact planet Reaven is on.
You are another Jedi knight( your other character) set to rescue him and get the information on Reaven.
I'm confused. You're saying that we create two PCs? Absolutely not. I don't think I should have to explain why, to have two completely new characters, each with their own storyline...

And secondly, as for one searching for Revan, no. I've said this many times: please do not make KOTOR a "go fetch Revan" storyline, while turning Revan into some kind of SW Holy Grail that everyone is trying to find.

Originally Posted by Darth Angst
Mean while, guided by Kreia's spirit, the exile arrives on a jungle planet and confronts Reaven ( with his mask) He does not know that Reaven is the jedi who took him under his wing, ( in a cutscene, it shows one mission, Reaven, as a jedi, along with Mallak, is shot down by Mandaloreans, and assumed dead by the exile. It then shows Kreia take them in.) They then start to battle.
This doesn't make any sense at all, sorry. You haven't played TSL, have you? The Exile knew who Revan was, and never thought Revan to be dead in some battle. He/She fought through the whole war, and then went back to the Jedi Masters. The Exile also had heard of "Darth Revan", and knew about him, so there is no way that the Exile would think that he/she was dead in the Mandalorian Wars or something.

And as for the confrontation, in the chance that you played TSL, did you go through the cave on Korriban, and the secret tomb? The Exile confronts a vision Revan inside Kresh's tomb, and knows who he is. The dialogue choices for your character are something like this:

1. Many wondered where the great Revan disappeared to.
2. Revan! What are you doing here!

At least, that is kind of what they say. But there is no mystery, the Exile knew exactly who Revan was, and never thought he was once dead. Did you ever happen to listen to Kreia's dialogue, when she was talking about how Revan left after he defeated Malak?

Originally Posted by Darth Angst
The character left behind ends up turning evil and after the two more planets you must confront each other with the sith leader watching.Proving that the character you kept is better than the sacraficed one the Sith leader realizes this and strikes his newest aprentice down.
So the second PC you made suddenly turns on the other, and becomes any enemy? One you have to kill? No way.

And one last thing. No True Sith - the ideas for the original Sith species are just getting wierder and wierder.

Originally Posted by Darth_Bizkit
lol nice one ,but ,are they going to make KOTOR 3?
Most likely.
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