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The demo would have taken me 28 hours if it wasn't for IDM.

So, ya, I have played the demo, it got repetitve. Though, I did get to us Suaron and Galadrial. Both fun to use. Though I'd prefer Sauron because of his special powers. I also like using the heroes. Like Gloin and Gimli are awesome ans so is Dain. Dorgoth, I think, is a dragon who pwns all, and Gorkil, the Goblin King, was fun to use, as was Shelob. I prefer using the Dwarves over the Goblins. I guess I like them more.

Though, I can't wait to use the Elves, and other force. And thank goddness it's Teacher's Convention on Thursday, so I can get it before the rush. And I have already pre-ordered it from EB Games.

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