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...incoming transmission...

To: Commander ImperialSecurityService
From: Perp, ImperialDefenseForce

Concerning: Recent conflict between our forces

Dear Commander;

It appears that during the recent uprising of the rebellion, and the continued budgetary constraints due to the new "project" Emperor Palpatine has begun (some kind of "moon"? Why is he spending trillions of credits building a moon? I have a nice moon I can sell him cheap...) that there is a shortage of credits to be distributed amoungst the Imperial Navy.

We want all the credits. There isn't enough credits for both an Imperial Defense Force and an Imperial Security Squadron. Everyone knows that the security guys carry around flashlights and don't have real badges. We, on the other hand, have real badges. And lots of guns.

In the spirit of brotherhood [we are all clones now anyway, heck, you even look like me (see avatar)]. We of the iDF will welcome your squadron into our much larger force. We all fight for the same big scary guy anyway! There are bigger fish to fight (like some guy named Solo and his giant ewok companion- Chews? Bachlavia?).

On a more serious note, very, very good games the other night! Am looking forward to testing your command prowess again soon!

...end transmission...

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