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I have a feeling our Admiral, iDF|AllenVelsorJr, may have been the one that sent in the news and screenshots.

Though I do agree that this was a friendly scrim (and a darn good one at that) between our departments of the Imperial Navy; due to recent budgetary expenditures from our most honored and praised Emporer (may he live forever and long live the darkside, yada yada) and his latest project to build some sort of artificial moon, there will have to be some departmental cuts and layoffs.

Since the Imperial Defense Force and the Imperial Security Service are both charged with the safekeeping of the Empire and the leaders thereof, the Emperor and his stooge, I mean his aide, Darth Vader, have declared that both of our departments are redundent and one must be cut. You can call the Clone Advocacy Group if you want, but I heard they went to outer rim after the Imperial Senate was disbanded last year.

Again, very good match the other night and am looking forward to competing for the Emporer's favor and credits (which we already have- I'm the Emporer's great niece's husband Bubba Fit, no relation to Bobba Feitt or Barbara Fiet or anyone else like that, I have to use "Perp" because I'm tired of people calling me Bubba.)

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