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Apology accepted, captain.

My arrival was delayed, but im here to put you back on schedule. The rebels scored a victory in combat with one of our allied battalions. The success however has clouded their vision, and they will not succeed against us. All current and pursuing members are to sound off via private transmission, or post in this thread, after which you will be given instructions on the joining process, or given access into the initial insertion plans....

Do not fail me again....

War has begun.... soon we will declare war on the current elite Rebel clan, and destroy forever the pitiful little band.

Ready your fleets captains, are target will soon be revealed.


Here are the number of open positions left:

1. Darth Vader
2. Moff Tarkin
3. Admiral Thrawn
4. Mara Jade
5. Colonel Veers

" Execute... Order... 66..."

The 501st Legion of the Empire
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