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Vidar: I wouldn't recommend that child. The ship doesn't like being ignored, and if you upset it then it will start playing with you... You just need to learn what the ship is serious about and what it is joking about.

And yes the ship is serious, we will be flying into a star very shortly, its very intersting to watch.

*Heimdall takes a seat and looks at Marin*

Heimdall: There are always ways around things and exceptions. Those things may have started out alive but were enhanced or possible othery ways.

Cargo hold

*Svafa, drawing her sword*

Svafa: Hold on Gortick, you are not going to bring enemies onto this ship. Unless of course you mean for them to be executed.



*The Asgardried closes upon the the star, runes hidden upon the hull begin to glow a dark red color, at first slowly pulstating, as the ship came near the blue giant the pluses of the runes quickens.

Then the ship plunges into the swirling hot gases of the star heading for the core. THe Asgardried shudders from violent internal winds of the star as passes through oceans of gases. As the ship nears the stars core, the hull takes on an liquid appearance to it.*


Asgardried: Hey your still alive, wonder what will happen when we penatrate the core...

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