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Mon Calamari and Kashyykx

Hi, maybe I am not too good at this but I am playing the campaign mission and I got the game two days ago. I selected the Rebellion side and choosed "Hard" as the game option. I managed to do all the missions up to the one where you are supposed to release the wookies. First I liberated Mon Calamari then I completed the Kashyykx? mission. Here are my issues...

1. I can never seem to win a space battle with the empire. I sent a force of 4 Assault Frigates and 6 corvettes (max 25 unit points) and still lost to the empire with a class 4 station, 2 missile frigates, 2 acclamator and 1 star destroyer. However if I select auto-resolve, the AI will let me win. Am I missing something here?

2. In defending the Mon Calamari station I had a force of 3 assault frigates and 6 corvettes plus tons of X-wing and Y-wings. I had a class 2 station. The empire came at it with 4 star destroyers, 6 missile frigates and 6 tartan cruisers. How did they get so many units into the space when I could only bring in a few initially. Does the AI cheat?

I find myself having more success on land missions than space missions. For example to take over Mon Calamari, I sneaked in a small force of 1 light tank, 1 rocket troop and 1 soldier. It was no problem defeating the empire and moving my force to the edge of the shield. After that it got tough as the Empire has a light factory churning our AT-ST and heavy tanks. I then grouped all the calamaris together and sent them in suicide mission to shoot down the light factory to stop production and then to shoot down the units. Took a while and many many repeated attempts with hundreds of calamari lives lost but I saved most of my troops. After I took over the planet, the space station disappeared.

Now if only I could figure out the space battles...
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