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The Imperial Corulag Sector fleet engages a Rebel heavy battle fleet in combat. TIEs streak in to pound on the deflector screens.

A Mon Cal cruiser suffers strafing runs.

3 squadrons of TIEs commence strafing runs.

X-wings pound a Star Destroyer with laser fire.

A raging battle, beneath the star's bright glare.

A Corellian Gunship flies in close, unloads a concussion missile barrage at point blank range, and pulls away.

EAW: Star Wars Realism v3.0 - a mod that improves the realism, balance & gameplay from the default EAW Space Combat & Space Skirmish. Introduces a FLEET! Deathmatch mode.

EAW: Tactical Command - a Space Skirmish mod that seeks to bring tactics to EAW. Also introduces Scenario play.
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