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Originally Posted by clydeski
KSE 3.3.3 was working fine for me. However it now gives me a windows error message saying KSE needs to close and asking if I want to tell microsoft. As best I can figure from details in the error message the problem is with perl58.dll. Searched my machine and I have no such dll. Does this dll sound like the likley cause of my problem? KSE 3.3.3 used to work for me so I'm assuming that if I need this dll I must have had it at some time, seems odd that it would just disappear. I run zone alarm along with Spyware Doctor, they haven't spotted any problems. Any idea of any recent windows updates which might have deleted this dll? Any suggestions where I could get this dll for a windows xp machine?

The Perl/Tk applications that I've distributed (including KSE) have been compiled with Activestate's PerlApp utility. This utility wraps the perl interpreter (perl58.dll) and the source code into an executable. When you execute KSE, it unpackages itself into your %TEMP% directory. Such an error that you describe could occur if you had KSE open and the %TEMP% directory was emptied.

Am I right to assume KSE no longer works for you at all? Have you tried rebooting (in case there was orphan process still running)?

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