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Originally Posted by Jan Gaarni
But then again, there is a seperation between the original Sith Empire (thousands of years before) and its Sith race, and the Sith cult a couple of thousand years prior to the movies. That's what the Great Hyperspace War was fought between 5000 years BBY. Not a cult of different races using the dark teachings of the sith, but the actual Sith race and Empire.

I don't know.
I can always adapt if the Holocron one day deem the old history lessons as invalide. I always thought 25.000 years was aloooot of time, alittle too much time. But, it would be a shame aswell as there's so much great history involved here.
Yeah, even the "holocrons" are another thing from the EU that never made it into the movies (the Visual Dictionaries inserted them of course, but the movie showed us what appeared to be stacks of glowy books, dubbed "holographic records").

The "Jedi Archives" in AOTC is clearly inspired by the Trinity College library in Dublin, Ireland:

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