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To win offensive space battles I have found that a mix of forces works well. I have at least one of each capital ship, 4 squadrons of X-wings, 4 squadrons of Y-wings, and 2 Fleet Commanders because they give bonuses to all ships. I have all of the fleet attack the strongest enemy ship first, targeting the ship's shield generator or engines first, then the turbo lasers, hangar, laser cannons, etc. until the ship is destroyed. Then have the whole fleet attack the next strongest ship next, and so on.

To win space battles when attacked, the key as a Rebel is to have 2 Ion Cannons on the planet, the strongest possible space station, and again a mix of forces. Having 2 Ion Cannons means it takes half as long for the next ion blast to be available.

As soon as the enemy fleet appears, use an Ion Cannon blast to disable the closest, biggest enemy ship. Move your fleet close to the enemy and have the whole fleet attack the biggest non-disabled ship that is closest to the space station. Attack the ship's shield generator, engines, turbo lasers, hanger, etc. Another ion shot should be available by now, so disable the biggest non-disabled enemy ship that is closest to the space station. Repeat. Send your X-wings against enemy TIE fighters and bombers, Y-wings against the disabled capital ships. Keep using ion cannon shots as soon as they become available to disable newly arriving capital ships. The Ion Cannons only disable the ship but don't damage it, so don't waste shots on ships that are already disabled. Try to disable the capital ships to keep them away from your space station.

Also, remember to pull in reinforcements if your ship population drops below 25.

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