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Name: RC-1270
Nickname: Niner
Age: 10
Faction: Republic
Weapons: Modified DC-17 interchangeable combat weapons system with blaster, sniper, and anti-armor attachments, DC-15 rechargeable sidearm blaster pistol, vibroblade, remote detonator, disruptor pistol, and thermal detonators.
Class: Commando
Rank: Alpha Squad leader

As the Republic's forces started to give way a little, the Commanders overhead started to doubt their assault. There was no messing around anymore. The Republic needed those energy crystals. That is why they sent their most elite team of clones to do the daring mission: sneak behind enemy lines to a remote energy facility. Infiltrate the facility and retrieve the energy crystal. The Republic wasn't going to leave empty handed. Not while Alpha Squad was on the job.

P.S. Feel free to join Alpha Squad.
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