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Name: Eithrel (Check out Origin of the Sith)
Age: 6 and a half (In Serian years)
Race: Serian from Seria El
Faction: Republic
Weapons: DC-15, Knifes, Orange lightsabre (don't worry i won't go crazy with it).
Class: Standard Serian Warrior

Eithrel had to hold on to keep his small body from flopping around when his gunship landed. He and the other 50 Warriors he had brought with him were sent on important Republic orders from the Jedi council themselves. Once stepping (and nearly falling) off the gunships he took control of his troops.
"Get me the person who is in command of this assault, I need to know whats going on." He barked at a nearby Serian.
"You" He said to another, "Get the men in default formation. Snipers covering the rear, Standards up front, and vehicle killers on the sides."
"And You." He said to a Serian officer "Take half the men, Put them in spread formation and make 'em help out the-these thingers...errm..."
"Clones?" The Serian said with a raised eyebrow.
"Uh Yes, yes Cones." Eithrel said "Now go get the Standards and help (btw standards are Standard Serian Warriors) out the cones."
The officer laughed as he walked away. I should really releave that officer, Eithrel thought. But their was no longer time.
CIS were breaking the Clone lines. He formed up the rest of the men and started firing.
With the combined strength of the Serian Warriors, The clones slowly began pushing back the lines...

Put your fear behind you where it belongs, then blast everything in front of you into splinters. You'll do fine - Jango Fett

Smart people are weak. Because they don't need to be strong because their smart enough not to fight. - Me
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