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Hey, I was referred by WildJedi and Admiral to jump in on this cantina thread due to the involvement of her character, Riebe, being I'm a fellow Sith Hunter.

Name: Strider Flamehart
Gender: Male
Species: Human, But believed to be partially demonic or supernatural due to some abilities.
Origin: Kyron (Original planet, not canon with SW)
Faction: Mercenary
Description: Human with long, messy black hair, blue eyes. Wears a blood red cape/cloak, black shirt, black jeans, boots, and black fingerless cutoff gloves. Carries dual pistols using traditional projectile bullets, rather than blaster bolts, a traditional katana, the blade instilled with cortosis, and a dark-blue bladed lightsaber.
Public Knowledge: None know much about him, other than the fact he's quite an efficient Mercenary, and is known by a very small handful to be one of the few remaining Sith Hunters.
Current Status/Location: Last known sighting was on Coruscant
How to Contact: Through the communciation system of his ship, the Ragnarok, or his temporary office on Coruscant

Strider Flamehart was a Jedi of the Old Republic. He set many a record in blindfold tests, excelling impressively at combat without the need of his sight. While he was in the Order, it was during a mission where he was accidently infused with additional powers, including one that made him immune to aging. Due to reasons not disclosed, he was exiled from the Jedi Order and he turned to the Sith. After many disagreements with the Sith ways, he defeated every Sith in the temple he trained under systematically, then left the Sith. He spent many years wandering, before becoming a Sith Hunter. Shortly after they parted ways and many fell, Strider went into a mercenary lifestyle, trying to hide from his past so as not to attract those who loathed the Sith Hunters.

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