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since screenshots are my long lost hobby with the Homeworld series... i figured i would post a few of mine too...

these were taken on my 2.5 year old system, graphics arent as high as i would like them to be but it still looks pretty and runs real smooth

classic pic of imps vs nebs

outpost getting slammed

snowspeeder stunt pilot

someone is going to die

hopeless fight

the walkers are coming the walkers are coming

crazy legs

nebs in formation

chaos in the asteroids

well i think thats enough bandwidth for now, i dont want to kill any potential 56k'ers... if you want more just ask, and ill put some more up (i also have a few outakes sort of pics with funny things but im not sure if i want to embed them cuase the huge bandwidth consumption already in this thread)

anyhoo, i need to get to bed now since i have to wake up for work in not as many hours as i would like

til next batch, peace easy mates
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