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Jax sat in the briefing room waiting. He was abesnt mindedly flicking a peice of wood on the table when the captain walked in. Jax stood up.
"Oh Jax, I thought it would be you"
Jax did not smile and return the greeting
"What's the situation?" he asked
"That star destroyers defences are top notch even Viper Squadron may have trouble breaking through their shields"
Jax nodded. Jax was only 24 but his eyes looked like they had seen years and years of blood shed and pain. The captain sighed
"Jax you must realise, it wasn't just a few fighters or soliders that came through the riff it was whole planets. Planets who havn't been seen for millenium. And you understand the term "Parralel Universe"?"
Jox nodded
"Right, every action has an opposite and reaction so in some universe when you defeated that sith lord somwehere else he deafeated you"
Jax shivered. Zion was a cruel sith who had been trapped for thousands of years. But had escaped his bonds. Jax stood up when the alarm rang
"Jax" said the captain quickly
"They out number us 20-1, If we don't receive re-inforcements soon and Viper Squad fail......well" he said
"Good luck out there"
Jax left the room and ran to the hanger. His yellow jump suit was half done up and his helmet was under his arm. In his belt a lightsaber was placed. Jax got to the hanger and saw his friend, Rezillo.
"Come on Jax lets go!" He yelled across the hanger
He glimpsed a shot off his friend Don who was Blue leader.
"Good luck out there Don" Jax yelled
"You too Jax"
"BOSS COME ON!" Rezillo yelled. Jax got to his ship and climbed the ladder. The hatch closed and his B wing lifted off the ground and went into space...


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