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Arrow For People With Modded XBox's (XBox Compatible Mods List)

I am looking for people with moded X-boxes and atleast a litle experince in modifying kotor. I am trying to make a list on mods that is compatible and not but i figured it is to big list and the mods updates to frequently. So I make a thread about it instead. So all who have moded there games I and every x-box gamer on this site will be gratefull if you shared your experince.

For those who don't know how to mod kotor or having trouble just by having the game on the hd visit this thread. This also gives a few good sites.
KotOR Xbox Moding

When you tell about a mod you tried or don't get working post the site you downloaded from and be very acurate about what bug that appers with the mod.

To start this thread I will post some I got working so far. (Allthough I have problem with one mod I can't figure out wich)

Peragus "Quick Ebon hawk Access" v1.2 A very recomended mod for those who finnished the games and want to play again and skip peragus.

[TSL] Military Grade HK Series A very good reskin of the HK series.

Mandalore Reskin A most extrordenary skin for Lord Mandalore. (Though havent sen if it works but it don't seem to affect the game so i gues it should work ).

These one I coulden't get working but feel free to test if you get it working.

Female Underwear Mod v1.0 This is probebly for the boy but as I said i can't get it working.

Slender body for female v.1.1 Looked cool on Pc but it won't work.

My teori is that you can't change the Main charachters appeal. When i tried some of those the just freezed the gem right befor the mod would appear visible like if i start a new game and right when i am about to se th PC lying in medical bay the game freeze.

Edited: Ohhh one more thing you can also upload gamesaves so all of us can get quick access to a specific area, like getting to Onderon to se Mandalores reskin
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