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I've already made a list of about 20+ mods that are compatible on
Here's the original link:
(I'm Darth_Mulas by the way)

I've found several mods that work with the KOTOR 1 game for the XBox system, which are pc mods. Some are awesome, some are sweet, but others aren't worth downloading, a rating system (*) will be put on them, by me, of course, for personal likeness. Other people can find them here too. (I don't know every single one that works, there are tons, these are ones which I think are cool and downloaded)
Party Member Jedi Robes 1.1
A Galaxy of Shapers
Individual On/Off Saber Sounds
Achille's Padawan Mod
BeatleMania Dantooine
Black DS Robes
Evil Sounds (Death Sounds)
KOTOR Remix 0.3
Roleplay Padawan Mod (Same as Achilles, but with differences)
"Watered down" Saber colors
Ebon Hawk's Workbench To A Construction Bench
Unique Saber Textures (Personal favorite)
Sith Armada

1-***- only jedi characters have these,in starting inv. Have to start over.
2-****- there are several shapers amongst taris and the spire, check around.
3-*****- these have AWESOME on/off saber sounds, like lukes and vaders
4-***- starts you off on the endar spire as a jedi, with a jedi master (trask)
5-**- 'Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds' Dantooine mod- nuff said.
6-***- One robe, all Jedi Knight robes are pitch black, and look like lukes.
7-**- New death screams, turn down volume. :-)
8-****- COMPLETELY revolutionized the endar spire, taris, and dantooine
9-***- Same as achilles, but with differences (don't get a robe)
10-*****- plain saber colors, watered down.
11-*****- Personal favorite as well workbench to construction bench, must-see!
12-*****- the best saber color mod out there, turns the blade jagged and cool.
13-*****- has like 5 custom, recruitable characters with dialogue and stories, & skins.

Side note: I did not make, alter, or give any links to any of them. These are just a listing of the ones I have, if you want to find them, search at under KOTOR.

If you have any more you would like to add, just reply with em. Thanks to Darth Turtur and VoxAngel's tuts on how to copy KOTOR to my hdd, mods work like a charm now.

I looked around pcgamemods some more and found a couple more, i'm done with the list now, hope this helps people. (I know it helped me)

List of mods that work for Xbox (cont.)

Changing Mission into Atris
Revan's implant
Turn T3 into a Workbench!
Jedi and Sith Belts
Star Wars Clone wars blades
Wacked Out Saber Colors
New Yellow Color
New hilt texture
Multicoloredsbrs (no typo)
Yellow Light saber Reskin

1-****- A mod that turns Mission into a hot chick, not-so-old Atris
2-**- It's found in a footlocker near the pazaak-playing Twi'lek on Dantooine.
3-*****- Very useful when you need a workbench quick.
4-*****- TONS of skins, some Jedi, some Sith, check it out and see.
5-**- Not too showy, you can barely notice the difference, but it's there.
6-****- Fun for a short time, awesome saber colors, "Give peace a chance man!"
7-**- An alright texture, I guess.
8-*****- A SWEET bloody hilt for lightsabers, adds mystery to Revan's past.
9-**- Eh, don't know what to say, it's like three color changes for sabers.
10-***- About the same, different colors, but cooler.
11-**- Yet another reskin of the yellow lightsaber.

Most of these are compatible with the mods stated above, except the saber color mods, only one color mod can be used at a time. (Because others overwrite the .tga files).

Once again, I did not alter, make, or produce any of these. These are not links, just things to type in on the search bar at For personal use only.
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