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Name: Cpl. Vex 'Deadeye' Deos
Side: Rebels
Faction(primary postion): Charlie Company Sniper - Cpl.
Item: Basic Marine's Uniform (not his own), with Deadeye's own custom sniper slung over his back, blaster pistol in its holster
Deadeye. A sniper of the Charlie Company infantry squad. C Coy. is currently resting aboard the ship as it just won a major battle aboard an unknown planet. Known to be quite useful in a fire fight, at close and long range. He was once a bounty hunter for Jabba the Hutt used a tracker to hunt down anyone apposing the Hutts or crime itself.
Vex: Get down! *fires a shot at one of the men surrounding John* Imperial soldiers drop your weapons... that bullet... *laughs*... isn't what you think it is. It's larger than most, incasing explosives in the tail end. One false move and BLAM! Your all gone. Now drop your weapons! *is suddenly knocked off guard as another explosion goes off*.
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