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"Ive got a credit, One for everyone of you, la la laaaa la! la la laaaaaa la!" Kei sang as he dodged blaster fire from imperial Ties.
"What are you singing back their, Kei?" Hitter called over comm from point lead.
"Childhood memory song." Kei replied back.
"Ive got a lovely bunch of Cocunuts! Big ones, Small ones, Ones of every size! do dee doo dee doo." Warp started singing. The squad started laughing.
"BURRRRRP." Fer burped into the comm. Everyone laughed but then he said. "Heads up guys, Docking bay is closin in."
"Shields are closing." Arc said.
"Got it." Hitter replied, Then barrel rolled and fired at the shield generator, Destroying it.
"Ok people, landing gear in." Hitter then said. They all put down the landing boosters.
"Don't worry guys, 5th, 7th, and 9th Special Squads are coming in after us." Kei said.
They landing smoothly but Imps started firing all over them as they got out. Kei took out two then got one scrambling for his tie. 5 minutes later 9th Special landed, Then another five and 5th then 7th. After 20 minutes of fighting in the Hangar it was finally cleared and only 3 imps made it out of the hangar in their Ties.

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