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I've got lots of funny, cool, or favorite moments, and I'll share one with you that took place on Cloud City, on a corner CP connecting the walkways. I was a Jet Trooper and charged in with my typical, Rambo-From-The-Sky, ambush-style, straight into a literal NEST of Super Battle Droids, Assault Droids, and Droidekas. They just kept spawning and spawning, dropping mines and firing rockets and lasers, while I singlehandedly orbited around them, dropping greanades of my OWN and leveling one-by-one with blast-after-blast from my EMP launcher-- summersaulting and jumping around in-between jetpacking. I took the CP-- with no assistance from allied units-- with 8 or 9 kills under my belt, and a vertible HOARDE of health and ammo cartriges littering the floor.

Not a typical battle, for me, that's for sure... but this DID happen, and within a tight, somewhat confined area, to boot!
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