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If You Play Battlefront 1, Please Read Me...

The forum of BF1, here, is not the most lively place in Cyberspace.

I own both BF1 and 2, but play almost exclusively BF1, as I find it more playable than BF2. Personal opinion. I like BF 2, also.

But because I only play BF1, and only do THAT online, and absolutely love doing it, I'm compelled to ask you, the reader of these words, to leave a post, here, if you DO still play BF1.

I'm hoping we can revive this forum, a bit. I've got some questions with BF1, and if there's a few players out there, then maybe you guys do, too. I'd love to get some discussions going, share some tips, and maybe even battle side-by-side in game.
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