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Name: Ebios Yeto
Age: 43
Faction: Rebel
Class: Jedi Master
Weapons: Green lightsabre
Ship: Anything Avalible
Bio: Ebios became a Jedi master after taking on many tasks. He has a padawan called Wind Meteor who is war-crazy and is attempting to show him that war isn't what it seems by bringing him along to this battle.


Name: Wind Meteor
Age: 7 in human years
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Class: Jedi Padawan
Weapons: None
Ship: Whatever his master uses
Bio: Wind Meteor is extremely strong in the force and is addicted at the idea of going into battle. When Wind was 2 monthes old, He and his parents were onboard when their systems shutdown and they collided with a Hutt's freighter carrying ammunition and weopens supplies, killing Wind's parents. (goo goo ga ga) Wind sensed danger and protected himself using the force, being able to harness it at that age because he was so force strong.

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