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(I'll rescue you)

Viper squadron covered Jax and Rezillo as they landed in the hanger. Jax jumped out and ignited his lightsaber. The purple blade glowed. Stormtroopers turned and fired, but Jax blocked their shots. A door to the side opened and two dark jedi entered brandishing red lightsabers...

(quick character sheet for Rezillo)

Name: Rezillo
Age: 23
Faction: Rebels
Class: Pilot (V-2) Jedi Aprentice
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber, Blaster pistol, Yellow short lightsaber
ship: modified B wing
Bio: Rezillo was brought up on Naboo. He was taught piloting skills at a young age. He was also force sensative. It was not until he met Jax did he start learning the ways of the force. Rezillo is now Jax's best firend and fellow Jedi.

Rezillo followed suit and brandished his lightsabers. He twirled his short lightsaber and watched Jax. Jax nodded at Rezillo and they attacked the dark jedi...


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