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Quick rundown.

Okay, so, since my last post, I've seen Good Night and Good Luck (very good if you can follow it, otherwise, it'll just result in boredome as my friend found out, 4/5), Date Movie (gross out comedy of the Scary Movie kind...if you like that kind of date didn't like it either 2/5 and I'm being generous), Lucky Number Slevin (good story, decent acting, amazingly predictable, 3/5) and finally, today, I saw Proof (a story about math which has very little math in it, actually it's a story about a girl trying to find out if she's as mentally unstable as her father was before he died, I'd say it would have been better if you could warm up to Gwyneth Paltrow's characters, but as it is, her one moment of happiness was too short and I found myself getting irritated by her, 3/5)

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