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Jax blocked a slash aimed at his head. And kicked the dark Jedi. The Jedi fell and became lifeless. Jax was shocked. Rezillo had also had an easy time. They looked at each other. Jax looked un-easily around. He felt a power he had not felt since he was very young. He put his lightsaber back in his robes.
"Rezillo, yoy go find Ace. There's something I need to do"
"Oh, not again Jax!"
"Please Rezillo. I will be fine"
"I'm not worried about you being fine. I'm worried about what you might do. Jaax you have a bad habbit of doing things which then lead to massive chain of events"
Jax smiled, Rezillo didn't know the half of it. They split up Rezillo made his way to the cells and Jax went and searched the ship. Before long Jax came across more Dark Jedi. This time he didn't even touch them. They just dropped. But so did something else. Someone had dropped behind Jax.
"Well, well. Good to see you Jax"
Jax turned. A young man in Jedi robed was standing there. He had medium length curly brown hair and a smile. Jax went down on his knees.
"Master Phinius"
But it was not the Phnius Jax had known. Jax had known him as an old man but this was Phinius when he was at his peak.
"Get up you fool" He said smiling
"from what I hear you are also a master"
Jax nodded.
"But how Phinius? The riff?"
"Yes. I was dragged out of a fight with a nasty dark Jedi when the next thing I know I'm on here. I had to pretend to be a bounty hunter. A few other Jedi are here also but they have either been killed or locked up"
Jax nodded again
"You may think I'm about to tell you that we must join forces and kill all the "sith" and free the Jedi, but i'm not"
Jax looked at his old masterr
"Then what-?"
"Do you remember what I taught you about my master? Zion?"
Jax nodded and shivered
"I know you fought him and defeated him. But do you remember what he said?"
"About opinions?"
"well yeah"
"Good becasue that is why I am here to teach you more"
Jax nodded...


Rezillo reached the holding cells and focused. He sensed where Ace was. He got out his lightsaber and cut the door down
"Knock knock" he said smiling


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